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Wealth Management

We’re not merely money managers for
hire—we are your lifelong partner in
private wealth management and planning.

Wealth Management

You have worked hard to build your wealth. Let us handle the remaining details of protecting and continuing to expand the assets you’ve acquired.

In managing our clients’ investments, we begin with a detailed analysis of your current financial situation and a discussion of your goals and tolerance for risk. We then seek to develop appropriate asset allocation targets for your investment portfolio. 

Once appropriate targets are set, our objective is to design and implement a plan to meet your goals. We apply a rigorous due diligence program to select and monitor the investments we recommend. One or more of our investment professionals will regularly meet with you to review investment performance, discuss liquidity needs, and evaluate the need for adjustments.

Manage Risk

An important component of our wealth management process is seeking to ensure that your resources are protected against life’s uncertainties. We review your existing life, disability, and long-term care insurance policies and recommend solutions for asset and income protection.

Plan Your Life

Through listening and asking questions, we help you discover and prioritize your goals and dreams. At the same time, we are analyzing your current investments and financial situation to give you a picture of where you are now. Working together, we implement strategies for earning, saving and investing to maximize your resources and achieve your goals. Where there are gaps between where you are and where you want to be, we address those obstacles to create a plan that will help you reduce financial stress and worry and guide you toward a life full of satisfaction.

Plan Your Legacy

Hard-earned tangible assets as well as the intangible resources—such as the money values that helped you protect and provide for your family and yourself—are worth passing down. How do you want to be remembered? Together we will devise a plan to maximize the impact of your hard-earned assets during your lifetime and beyond.

This guided discovery is designed to help you share your financial and non-financial wealth—morals, values, and traditions—with the people you love and the causes you support.

Foundations & Endowments

A foundation dedicated to serving the causes you support can ensure your legacy. We will help you define a purpose for your wealth and implement the structure of a foundation to promote and champion your causes. We will conduct searches for appropriate outside foundation managers or help you establish your own foundation. We will manage the investment of foundation assets to preserve and grow the endowment principal and ensure sufficient return to support the activities and purpose of the foundation for years to come.

How can we help?

To begin a conversation about our strategic and personalized approach to wealth management, contact us today.